Procedure Manual Assistance

After Xmacode, LLC has performed an initial assessment of the laboratory’s policy / procedure manual(s) for compliance with CLIA regulations, and provided our client with a “Report of Laboratory Assessment”, the laboratory director may recognize a need for assistance with establishing and / or revising policies and procedures to meet applicable CLIA regulations.

Xmacode, LLC offers “Procedure Manual Assistance” to help the laboratory establish or revise policies and procedures to meet applicable CLIA regulations. Any policies / procedures (or required elements of a policy / procedure) which are missing are created and provided to the laboratory either electronically or in the form of a hard copy (may be subject to additional printing fee). Once the laboratory has received their new or revised policies and procedures, Xmacode, LLC can performs an on-site visit at the laboratory location to provide any support and educational services needed to implement the new procedures.

Xmacode, LLC is not responsible for any revision of policies / procedures made by the laboratory without the knowledge, consultation, and approval of Xmacode, LLC.