Quality Assurance

After Xmacode, LLC has performed an initial assessment of the laboratory’s quality assurance program for compliance with CLIA regulations and provided our client with a “Report of Laboratory Assessment”, the laboratory director may recognize a need for assistance with the quality assurance program and monitoring.

Xmacode, LLC offers quality assurance (QA) services to assist the laboratory with establishing, maintaining, and monitoring quality assurance activities in accordance with CLIA regulations. This service includes:

  1. development / revision of QA policies and procedures;
  2. development / revision of QA documentation forms;
  3. gathering and monitoring QA data.

This service is further augmented by educating the laboratory director and key personnel about CLIA’s QA requirements, and their responsibilities per CLIA regulations.

Xmacode, LLC will assist the laboratory director in determining how often QA activities need to be performed and may provide QA monitoring services for the laboratory director (however, CLIA requires the laboratory director to sign and date all QA reports).